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[ 9-month season with end of the year RECITAL! ]


In order to sign up for classes available, please sign into your parent portal or create an account. On Leona's home page there is a login tab - through there you can access the classes, paying online, costume fees and monthly updates. 


All payments are now online and available for tuition, costume and registration fees. We require all accounts to sign up for automatic payments upon registration, and will be charged on the 1st of the month. If for any reason, your payment fails, the balance needs to be paid off before the 1st of the next month or a $5.00 late fee will be applied to the account. Our fall season runs from Sept.-May (9 months of payments for this season). 

Tuition rates per class:

30 min. class = $45.00 / per month

45 min. class = $50.00 / per month

60 min. class = $65.00 / per month

Private Lessons ( 30 min. ) = $45.00 / per lesson

Registration Fee : $15.00 (Max of 3 per family and then free registration.)

Dance Recital Information:

Every Fall season Leona's puts on an annual recital. This is where students showcase their skills they have learned throughout the year. This includes a costume and a live stage performance. If your child is in multiple class, they will perform a dance from each class they are taking.

There is a mandatory dress rehearsal students will attend and picture day. Picture day will be on the same day as the dress rehearsal and there is opportunity to purchase pictures if you'd like. 

DATE : May 19th, 2024


Dance recital tickets are $10.00 at the door on the day of recital OR purchased online through your parent portal to guarantee a seat. We hope all our students can participate in the annual dance recital May 19th 2023. If for any reason your student is not able to attend the recital please email before November 1st to avoid mis-communication and processed costume fees. 

There is a flat fee of $60.00 for all dance costumes per student per class. At Leona's we want to make it as affordable as possible that is why we take 2 separate installments of $30.00 in order to pay the costume fee. First installment will be charged November 1st and the second will be charge on December 1st. If the fee is not paid by the end of December, COSTUME(S) WILL NOT BE ORDERED FOR YOUR STUDENT. If costume is not ordered, students are not allowed to participate in recital or picture day. Please note that costume fees are non-refundable. 


Recital Tickets = $10.00 (3 and under are free)

Recital Costume = $60.00

- There is NO RECITAL FEE at Leona's dance!


Multi-Class Discounts (per student)

2 classes = $5 off combined tuition total

3 classes = $10 off combined tuition total

4 classes = $25 off combined tuition total

Family / Multi-Student Discounts

2 students = $5 off combined tuition total

3 students = $10 off combined tuition total

4 students = $15 off combined tuition total

Parents viewing children

There is a viewing TV this year! This will let all parents and guardians watch their child during rehearsals. This helps build trust with the teachers, parents, and students. There is a waiting room outside of the studio where parents can sit and wait for students' classes to be done. 
We understand it may be necessary to bring other children while waiting for your child's class to be finished. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT IN THE WAITING ROOM AT ALL TIMES. We ask no running or throwing of objects within LDC and keeping noises down. 

label everything

Please label everything you bring to dance class! Leona’s is not responsible for any missing items. We do have a lost and found box, please check if a missing item is in there. 

snow days

We normally follow Omaha Public Schools to determine if dance classes will be canceled for snow days. We will send out an email and post on social media to confirm the closing of classes. This also applies to Holiday and Spring Breaks. 

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