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role modelz dance

This is Leona’s version of a Daddy / Daughter Dance. This is an opportunity for your child and their Male Role Model to dance together during the Recital.


  • Participate in Spring Recital: The dancer must already be participating in our 2023 Spring Recital

  • If Dad is Not Available: We are not holding this dance just for dads, any Male Role Model in dancers life is able to participate. This can include, uncle, grandpa, brother, teacher, ect… (18 yrs. and up) to be their dance partner.

  • Practice Times: Practice time is crucial, dancers and Role Modelz will do much better if they can attend ALL practices! We ask you attend at least 1 out of the 2 rehearsals (see days and times below).

  • Stage Rehearsal: Stage rehearsal attendance at the location of performance is mandatory.

  • Attire: For the Recital, Role Modelz will wear a plain white t-shirt, dark pants and shoes. Dancers will wear their costume for the 2023 Spring Recital.

How to register:

  • Step 1 - Login to your parent account and click REGISTER FOR CLASSES.

  • Step 2 - Add the role model as a student in your account.

  • Step 3 - Select the tab for 2023 Role Modelz Dance.

  • Step 4- Register the Role Model into that class.

additional help:

Role Modelz will have access to videos and music to practice at home with their dancers. No dance experience requires, we keep it fun and simple so everyone can be a part!


  • Cost to participate in the Role Modelz dance is $30.00 per Role Model, and is due upon registration. Please note: this is non-refundable after registration, so please make sure you are ready to make this commitment. 

  • Families with Multiple Dancers: You are welcome to dance with more than 1 daughter. It will not be an extra cost. For example 2 dancers with 1 Role Model = $30.00. If you have any questions or concerts please email

practices and stage rehearsal:

There will be 2 rehearsals located in Leona's Dance Studio plus the mandatory dress rehearsal on stage, located at the recital venue.

Thursday Practice: This rehearsal is only for the Role Modelz dancing. 

  • Thursday, April 20th at 7:00-8:00 PM

Saturday Practice: This rehearsal is for the dancer and role model to attend.

  • Saturday, May 6th at 10:00-11:00 AM

Mandatory Stage Dress Rehearsal: This is determined on which show your dancer is in. We will send exact time and date to you individually.

  • Thursday, May 18 OR Friday, May 19

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